#memohack FAQ

1. Is there any side effects?

No, there is no side effect on all the GMA trainings. We have been doing these trainings since 2005. Not one student has any problem after the trainings.

2. Will the effects of the #memohack™ be lost?

Some of the effects may be lost but some are permanent depending on whether the students use them or not. If the students practice for one year, most of the skills are permanent. It is important to use the photographic memory everyday to remain stable and strong. It is similar to playing piano, after the students learnt the skills, they must continually play the piano to maintain the skills.

3. How long should the student practice after the lessons?

It is recommended that the students should practice Memosense at least one hour a day for as long as possible until the mental screen is stable, strong and functional. The character needs to be nurtured/developed until they become a habit/lifestyle. In order to achieve optimum results, the students must follow the program closely.

4. What about the parenting course known as Parenthack?

The Parenthack is very important because parents must know how to train the children and understand how the brain training is done so that they can effectively assist the students. Furthermore, the character development must be done by the parents in order to see changes in the children’s attitudes and mindset.

5. Why so complicated? Why so many courses to join?

There are three parts to self-development. 1. Positive Character; 2. Dynamic Brain; 3. Photographic Memory. In order to be successful, they need to have good attitudes, positive outlook, and having breakthrough mindset. They need to be boxless, borderless and limitless in order to be an inventor.

6. What are the trainings for the Brain?

The goal of #memohack™ is to have DYAMIC BRAIN. There are four areas of training: 1. Brain Speed; 2. Brain Energy; 3. Brain Connectivity; 4. Brain Stamina. By using the blindfold, we train the five senses. Kids are expected to improve in their academic performance after the trainings as their six brainwaves are balanced.

7. What is the difference between GMA and other companies?

GMA has a professional research team who are medical doctors, psychologists, scientists, educationists, brain trainers and educationists. We are the first one to use sound technology to trigger/activate/balance the different parts of the brain. We are scientific and our approach is very safe and effective. Our company has been registered in 2005 and started our first class in September 2005.

Since the methods used in other companies are different, the results are different. GMA has many awards from different countries and our students are winning international awards as well.

8. Why some kids do not improve academically after the practice?

Some kids do not know how to apply what they have learned. It is like having an umbrella but do not know how to use it and still get wet in the rain. We have identified twelve ways to improve in studies. Some of them include interest, health, efforts, teachers, environment, friends, parents and so on.

9. What about children feeling tired?

After training, the tiredness is because of health reasons. The #memohack™ training is similar to running. Those who are less energetic feel tired after running. Those with strong brain energy, just like muscles, will not feel tired. The tiredness is temporary.

10. What to do with those who feel tired?

Eat healthy brain foods such as bananas, fresh vegetables, olive oil, omega-3, eggs and other healthy food. It is recommended that everyone must do sufficient physical exercises such as those we have on our class.

11. What about those who are emotional after the #memohack™ training?

Those who have emotional issues such as anger, fear, jealousy, and so on become very unstable after the activation. These outbursts of emotional trauma must be solved otherwise it will create character problems after 12 years old. Hence, it is important to do counselling to solve their problems. Children have three sources of emotional problems: 1. Parents 2. Siblings 3. Friends in school or teachers.

Find out the root problem by asking questions and ask children to forgive and be reconciled with those whom they have issues with.

12. What about those who sense the colors wrongly or opposite answers?

There are many reasons for color opposite.

  • Confused: Those who are confused can be easily corrected by some adjustment and teaching.
  • Stress: Help them to relax and be happy. Find out the root problem and solve them.
  • Emotional problem: They have opposite psychology after much opposition from parents or teachers. They need to be counselled and get their problems solved to restore a healthy psychology.
13. What to do then?

Parents must give feedback so that GMA trainers will assist to counsel them.

14. What to do when children do not pay attention during the training?

Parents are encouraged to motivate and give encouragement to their children so that they are positive and self-motivated to achieve dynamic brain. Parents should be creative while finding their own way to reward the children in order to encourage them.

15. What about those who have brain operation before?

There is no health issue for anyone to join the #memohack™ trainings. There is no harmful effect.

16. What about those who have learning disabilities?

#memohack™ is very helpful for slow learners. The trainings help children to become more intelligent, more attentive and improves memory.

17. Is it ok to listen to the activation sound every day?

Yes, it is alright to listen to the activation sound every day. However, it may not be necessary to listen too many times because there are many other factors involved in the activation.

18. What is the purpose of the eyeball exercises?

The eyeball exercises will strengthen the eye muscles and it will help to improve brain speed. It is very important for students to do the eyeball exercises everyday.

19. Is it ok to do the eyeball exercises every day?

Yes, they should do it every day for a period of time. They should do the exercises as fast as possible and their eyes should stretch from side to side as much as possible.

20. Is it necessary to use the guide book to do the eyeball exercises?

Yes, it is better to do with the guide book. Children are expected to see colors on the paper during the eyeball exercises. Their brain power has been upgraded when they see rainbow colors.

21. What happens if a student is not able to perform in the #memohack™?

It is important to find out the reasons. Some students have health issues and it is slower for unhealthy kids to be activated. Some are only able to perform after few weeks. Some students have sensory points that need to be discovered. For example, we have a student who is able to sense the color cards by placing them at his buttock!

22. What to do with those who are not able to perform the #memohack™?

Contact us and we will help you. We have come across a student who joined the activation many times and he becomes super strong because of the strong determination!

23. Any special rewards for those who improves academically?

Yes, those who improves must submit their report cards that is showing the improvements and GMA will give awards and certificates to motivate outstanding performers.

24. What is required to be a successful student in GMA?

The students have to study as hard as before but in excellent state (leadership 5-star mindset) and always in a happy, relax and positive culture. The ability to apply their photographic memory into their studies is the key to success.

25. Is there any other requirement to be a genius?

There are many factors to performance at the optimum level. For example, to be passionate, self-motivated in upgrading the brain is another key of success. Those who need to be pushed, reminded and constantly lectured to practice the brain power are likely to fail.  

It is important to know the talents or gifts in an individual and train according to the special talents is crucial to be a genius. For example, the fish is a genius in swimming. The bird is a genius in flying, the monkey is a genius in climbing trees. If you know your talent and train accordingly, you will be a genius.

Actually, what has been taught thus far is just the beginning. To make children see blindfolded is only the first step. There are many more secrets to go deeper!

26. What is the best way to train the #memohack™ successfully?

The first step is to stabilize the first sensory perception. After the first sensory perception is stable, proceed to the other senses such as auditory and visual. Always start with the bigger cards that is single colored when training the new sensory perceptions. When you have mastered the blindfold practices, proceed to the next level without the blindfold. Just sense the cards by closing the eyes. That is known as the super concentration state. On the final level, students are using their midbrain when their eyes are opened.

27. Is blindfold really that important?

Blindfold is not our aim. The purpose of the blindfold is to help students to concentrate. They must close their eyes to do the practices. The most important is the effects of the #memohack™ activation has to do with concentration improvement, memory and attention improvements.

28. Is it ok not to use the blindfold at all?

Yes, it is alright not to use the blindfold from the very beginning. However, it is much easier with the blindfold. If anybody opposes the blindfold, then its ok to train without using the blindfold and just close the eyes.

29. What about the online classes?

All the lessons can only be attended once. Therefore, you have to ensure that you take notes and stay on in the class from beginning to the end to receive the whole lesson. If you miss a certain part of the lesson, you are unable to attend the class repeatedly.

30. What about the sound effects?

Please remember to use high quality headphones during the class. The sound has a wide range of frequencies that is heard only with high fidelity headphones.

31. What is your advice to parents?

5-star parents nurture 5-star kids. The parents must continually upgrade themselves in order to cope with the changes in the kids. Those who attended the #memohack™ training are super intelligent and parents must be smart to maximize the benefits in their children. Those parents who have good parenting skills are able to attain optimum results.

GMA advise parents to join all the parenting programs and be equipped to train geniuses for the future generation. The home atmosphere must be suitable to develop highly effective habits for successful living. If parents improve, the quality of life will improve in the whole family. The importance of the parents in self-development can never be over emphasized.

We expect parents to cooperate with us and fully participate in this most meaningful training. Your future begins here! This is the best gift for everyone.

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